Printing and Photocopying Services
High Speed Quality Digital and Full Colour Laser Printing/Copying
*(from e-file or hard copy)

E-file printing:
We can print your document from e-file in a number of formats (please call (204) 474-6533 for details). You can bring us your disk, C.D or USB to print from OR Just attach your PDF file to an e-mail message and send to Please send files as a PDF attachment (not pasted into the body of the message). Include in your e-mail the details of your job. For example, your name, phone number, number of copies, paper types, ink colours etc...

Hard copy:
We can copy your document from an original you provide us. Our machines are capable of producing single sided or double sided copies.
*Both colour and black and white machines offer a number of finishing services such as Stapling, Booklet Printing and Cover Sheet Insertion. See below for further details on the finishing we can provide.


We can scan your documents for you in either colour or grayscale. We can scan documents onto your disk, C.D or USB and save them as a PDF. Please note that we cannot scan formal documents such as transcripts, passports or copyright material in colour. We reserve the right to decline any scanning that violates copyright law.


We offer two types of binding:

Spiral Binding
We can spiral bind documents measuring 6mm to 30mm (5/16" to 2" ). The maximum length we are capable of binding is 11" and we cannot bind paper thicker than 85lb. Black coils are standard but colour coils are available for large orders (please call for details). Turn-around times vary please call for an estimated time.

Hardcover Binding
We are able to hardcover bind documents such as theses, books etc. We have a variety of cover colours to choose from and gold or silver text can be stamped on the spine and cover. You can bring in a digital document for us to print and then bind, or submit hardcopies of your own to be bound. Turn-around times vary, depending on the bindery's work load and may take several weeks. Please see us for details.


We offer a variety of finishing services which include:

Folding - For documents such as letters or brochures. We have a variety of folding styles to choose from.
Cutting - We can cut large quantities of paper at once time to a customized size. Please see our order submission guidelines for further details.
Drilling - We can drill holes into large or small documents for binders, etc...
Shrinkwrapping - We can package your document in plastic for a more professional look.
Padding - We can make professional note pads for office or home use.

Self -Serve Photocopiers and Self Serve Printers

Purchasing a Copy Card from us will allow you to use these machines. Our Self Serve rates are only 5 cents per copy and 7 cents per print.  The machines are available the same hours as University Centre Building.

Wide Format Printing

Print banners, posters, any large promotional printing.


We can both send and receive faxes.

Coming Soon:

We’re working hard to have a new printing consultation and design and layout service available to you soon! Please stay tuned for further updates.


† Please make sure you provide either a hard copy or an e-file which is camera ready.

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