Submission Guidelines

Below are a set of printing and cutting guidelines, detailing the file formats and layouts we currently accept.  Following these guidelines will help us to have your order printed the way you want it and ready for when you need it!


Document Printing Guidelines – Print Ready

Documents submitted for printing at the Copy Centre must be submitted in a print (camera) ready format. Print ready means the files submitted are ready to be printed without any additional editing, tweaking or formatting; the file is to be printed exactly as it appears on the computer. It is very important to submit print ready files so that your order can enter the printing production queue quickly. Files submitted to the Copy Centre that are not print ready may be rejected or be subject to additional set-up/editing charges.  Orders that require additional editing or tweaking are completed at our convenience and therefore may take several extra days for us to complete.

Document not Print Ready? No Worries…

We’re working hard to have a new printing consultation and design and layout service available to you soon! Please stay tuned for further updates!

File Format

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the preferred format for submitting digital documents. Documents in other formats, such as Microsoft Office files, will often be read differently when transferred to another computer. As a result you may have formatting errors such as text jumping onto the next page. Creating a PDF version of the document on the originating computer ensures errors such as these will not occur when they are opened on our computers. With the installation of a PDF print driver on your computer, virtually any program can generate a PDF file suitable for printing. Both commercial and free PDF print drivers are available online for download from different sources.  If you download Adobe Reader, you can “File – Save as PDF” any MS Word document.  As a further note, the Copy Centre prints from PC computers, therefore all files created on a MAC must be PC formatted before submission.
Digital images can be submitted as PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs or PSDs.  For best results please make sure your image has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and  is set up in the image properties as the size you want printed.

A Note on Wide Format Printing

  • We do not make appointments for printing. We print on a first come, first serve basis. The turn-around time is generally 24 hours but may be longer during busy times.  The turn-around time can only be guaranteed when you submit the order.

  • We do not print "Proofs" of posters. We can print a smaller version of your poster. Please note, the smaller sizes are printed on another printer. The colours may show differently.

  • All work must be PC formatted only. Files created on a MAC must be PC formatted before you come. Please submit the files in either a PDF or PPTX file format.

Cutting and Trimming Guidelines

The Copy Centre cuts documents and posters starting at $2.50 for regular turnaround time and starting at $10.00 for a rush order.  Before submitting an item for cutting, please ensure it meets our guidelines.  We cannot guarantee the quality of any cutting from items that do not follow these guidelines and may reject any cutting jobs that are not laid out accordingly.

**We do not have a business card cutter! We cannot guarantee the quality of any business card or ticket cutting orders we take in.

- Use crop marks to indicate where the document is to be cut. Please do not draw an outline.
- Margins: The margins of the text/figures should not be within 1/8" from the finished (cut) edge
- Full Bleed Cutting: The edges of the background printing must extend 1/8" beyond the finished (cut) size
- Size: We cannot fit paper longer than 17” into our document cutter, anything larger than this qualifies as poster trimming and sheets will be cut and charged for individually.

Poster Trimming
Posters are large single sheets that are cut individually in our poster trimmer.  We can cut to just about any size within reason.

Turn-around time for Cutting
Cutting is done on a first come first serve basis.
Regular turnaround time 5 – 24 hours.   Rush orders will be accepted however, we cannot guarantee any orders will be completed right away (ie. While you wait).  Turn-around times vary depending on the current workload and the extent of the order.

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